Tape in Extensions

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Are you wanting Luxury tape in extensions with a seamless blend, natural look and fast installation?

Well look no further babe!

Babe hair is high quality, hand crafted and ethically sourced extensions made with 100% human hair (Remy/cuticle intact). They are crafted with longer strands to ensure more hair per package. Each Tape-In weft comes pre-taped and requires no tools or heat to apply. Clients love how weightless and comfortable they feel.

Q: How long do extensions take to apply?
A: Installation time can take thirty minutes to an hour depending on hair type, density & desired look.

Q: Are tape ins going to damage my hair?
A: Tape-Ins are gentle on natural hair. Babe uses a medical grade adhesive specially formulated to attach securely to hair and last between
appointments (every 6-8 weeks).

Q: How much hair will I need?
A: Your stylist will be able to determine how many packs during your consultation but on average, a full head installation requires 4-6 packs of hair (pricing will also be discussed during your consultation).

quinntessential salon owner headshot
quinntessential salon owner headshot
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